the major part of the instructions read:
The assessed task is to write a 3,000-word qualitative research design paper.
A research design paper is a detailed plan that explains exactly how you would go about a piece of research on a political topic. The components include identifying the research question or puzzle and explaining why it is important, providing a review of the previous literature(s) relevant to your question (though see below on grounded theory methodology), explaining your methodological
approach, addressing how you will go about answering your question, explaining how you will deal with any limitations, and explaining how your research will be evaluated.
It is important to remember that the main purpose of this essay is to show that you have a thorough and critically engaged understanding of the readings and other learning materials for your PUBLG004A/B class. The essay may help you with your dissertation or other projects but that is not its primary purpose. You need to persuade the marker that your proposed qualitative research project is important, that you have thought carefully about how you will go about it, and that
it will stand up well to evaluation by the normal criteria that apply for this type of research. In other words, you need to show them that you have a good plan and that your research will be completed in a competent, well-organised and creative way.