Copy-International trade practice end-of-term examination paper Changzhou University exam proposition paper 2. Fifth, the course papers require 2018-2019-2 semester “International Trade Practice” at the end of the paper examination requirements refer to the requirements of the topic, can be used in Chinese or American text can be iiet8at. This course is submitted to the following section by en19i. AR 3 1E 4 Guan Jian (-5, with a semicolon 6 reference (e-author, source, version, etc.) 2, paper font requirements 1 4E8 Third, the cover template and reference requirements (see attached page). RiexaEER course papers can be selected by the following five topics: strategic research research big country Bo wears international development, Zhou Youbei Tong Culture College, teaching and research institute English teaching and research Imaginative person Zhou Xiaochuan 019 years 6 6 college Changzhou University exam proposition paper test apricot 1_ Chinese and foreign literature reference is not to be treated, first foreign language after Chinese, according to the author’s last name (Chinese surname according to its pinyin) alphabetical order. The serial number of the document is represented by [1], 2], 3]-………, and the serial number is the author’s name. The title of the document. The edition. The category of the document, the place of publication, the publisher, the title, the date of publication (or the number of periods) and the beginning and ending and the code, the foreign document/publication is written in the body, the first letter of the actual word is capitalized: the name of the foreign paper is written in the positive ANGZHOU body, and only the document category identifiers are: monograph [], collection C], The first letter is capitalized. Article [A], newspaper articles [X]. Journal article []. Unpublished conference papers [door, PhD thesis [D], carbon UNIVERSIT disabilities paper [M). Root divisions [R]. Other [a). Course essay class, Changzhou University, Zhou Youguang, School of Culture, w nRA RRA College _ because of the number of scholars in the North West Language and Culture _ poor near professional education research questions _ Zhou Xiaochuan