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Life Story
As a young person, I have always loved technology and admire how it has revolutionized virtually every aspect of human life. This enthusiasm for technology drove me to spend most of my time doing innovative things. Currently, most of the people in society rely on technology in doing almost everything. Besides, businesses have enhanced technology in helping them serve their customers efficiently. Driven by this great passion, I am interested in pursuing a technological course because technology is part of humans, and it helps complete daily activities.
Over the years, I have learned that technological innovations make life enjoyable and convenient for every individual globally. Several innovations have been made across the world because of technology that some humans take for granted, yet they are essential. For instance, the innovation of a telegraph system developed years ago was intended not only to help communicate with others but also to transmit messages to individuals on different coasts utilizing Morse code dashes and electronic dots. Thus, this technological innovation has highly motivated me to pursue a course in technology at the university.
Through innovating things at a tender age, I learned about sharing the results early and quickly learning from the ideas that did not work. It is evident that the increasing nexus between rapid technological development and shifting demands in the business world has highly grown in the current world. Initially, even getting familiar with using the motherboard was a problem and even solving some of the problems. Since then, I have been aware that this is not currently the case, and I do not want to be left behind. It has made me take an essential step of continuing with my education, and no curriculum that would serve me better than the one offered at your university.
My family has highly influenced my interests and ambitions. Since my parents traveled across different nations, they raised my awareness regarding different races, cultures, and religions. Therefore, the lifestyle of traveling constantly and meeting different people from other cultures have shaped my aspirations.
At a young age, I used a computer in performing diverse activities, and through it, I learned how to assemble and disassemble a PC, analyzing the way it works, and solving problems. I also offered my services to family, colleagues, and friends if they require assistance. Because of this, I want to pursue a de