Executive Summary
Multinational corporations have not been left behind in the most recent trend of focus and reliance on ethics by businesses for increased performance. It is not that business ethics did not exist previously but the realization is their importance and impact as performance drivers which make them seem as a new advent and innovation in the business world as to distinguish some firms from others to be successful achievers.
The case research study begins with the brief overview of business ethics in multinational corporations and the relevant ethical business issues and opportunities. After that, the purpose & rationale of the project, research questions, research objectives and research framework is discussed. The case study questions are addressed and critically analyzed.
Hence, by using secondary data business review examination based on important factors influencing business performance such as: Market, Organization, Marketing, and Financial Performance, their relationship to business ethics is discussed in this project. Elaboration of all these factors are completely relies on multinational corporations current perspectives. One key researching process of this project is online research journals and online which assist to learn crucial areas of this study.