Description of brief: Dissertation based on the ‘The decay of today’s youth culture’ (The lost generation).
Incorporating certain elements as to why the 2011 London riots happened? Are modern day young people
affected by politics? Does the media misrepresent the youth? How has technology influenced youth culture?
The dissertation will be based on the decay of today’s youth culture. The writer will look into the journey different
generations of young people have gone through and how we have ended up to this present day. It will be
dissected into every possible angle of young people today and figure out what went wrong. It has to be delved
deep into society in general and try to link a connection between the two. Questions will be asked and answered
if society is in a fit state? What is expected from the lost generation? Why the class system is still an issue?
The comparison between middle class and working class kids, and discover how they ended up so different,
but most importantly who is to blame for letting down the kids of tomorrow.