Double Agency 1000 words (The relation between divine and human action) 4 READINGS PROVIDED except one you must find:

1/ Hein & Henderson.Captured by the Crucified.The Practical Theology of Austin Farrer

How does GEORGE HUNSINGER employ what he calls “the Chalcedonian pattern” to identify the relationship between Divine and Human agency? Is it incoherent to claim that God is totally sovereign and that human beings are fully responsible? What is the relationship between the freedom of God and the freedom of human beings?

Drawing from the references that will be provided to you (No further references are needed), Write a paper of 1,000 words in response to the issue selected. The rationale of this assignment is to encourage critical engagement with an important theological issue raised in the tradition.

Your Issue paper will NOT BE assessed on your conclusion but on whether it:
1 Addresses all aspects of the question set
2. Accurately reports the differing views on the issue in focus (as set out in the readings)
3. Indicates the importance of presuppositions and methodological commitments for determining a response to the particular theological question set for discussion.

Make sure that you CRITICALLY EVALUATE your sources!!! REFERENCING STYLE: SBL REFERENCING. Chicago Style is similar to SBL ?first reference has a long format in footnotes ?2nd reference of the same source has a short format in footnotes ?Bibliography of the same source has a different format in reference of the same source ?so there’s 3 formats for each source repeated