Think about how macro and micro revision strategies can be applied to your essay.
Consider what you have learned about the revision process. Bearing these suggestions in mind, revise your draft of your Literary Analysis Essay. Pay special attention to:
Parallel structure
Complete sentences and well-chosen words
Concise, specific, nonsexist language
You should revise according to both macro and micro revision guidelines, including revision for grammar. Your Instructor has provided you with a list of common grammatical errors from the Entrance Essay. Keep this list nearby as you turn a critical eye to your essay draft.
The assignment:
Submit the final version of your Literary Analysis Essay by the end of this week. Your paper must:
Include an introduction (containing a thesis statement, which you have underlined), at least three body paragraphs that offer support for your thesis, and a concluding paragraph that ties your main ideas together
Incorporate at least three instances of evidence drawn from the story (quotation, paraphrase, or summary)
Primarily use third person (“she” or “he”)

I am sending the draft that was written before, I need this text to be “upgraded” following the instructions given.