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Is Black Lives Matter a valid slogan? A rhetorical analysis
The latest upsurge of American social dissent illumines the neoliberal restraints on fighting racism in the current era. “Blacks Lives Matter” is an aphorism in which juxtaposition operates as the quilting position of rhetorical establishment. In view of that, the slogan expresses its general uniqueness by toppling rationalities of racial equality via the rhetoric of causticness. This slogan has managed to surface and find its way into the glare of publicity. Commencing back in 2013, “Black lives matter” is a slogan intended to counter the alleged brutality against the black community. While the movement’s objective is quite polemical, the proponents consider it a solution to the racial discriminations against the black community. A plethora of queries has since surrounded this movement; with the most important being “Is Black Lives Matter a valid slogan? In their publications, Jack Hunter and Derryck Green offer varying opinions regarding this slogan, with the latter giving opposing arguments while Hunter acts the slogan’s proponent. By focusing their arguments on their professional backgrounds, both authors make incredible points in articulating their opinions and facts on this contentious topic. By engaging sentimental and factual reasoning, Hunter and Green proficiently express their views on whether “black lives matter,” is a valid slogan or not.