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JonBenet Ramsey Homicide
JonBenet Ramsey Homicide is a criminal case that involved a misery kidnapping that led to murder. The evidence from the case strongly indicated that the perpetrator had good background information regarding the family’s financial details since the ransom demanded corresponded with the bonus benefit the father had received earlier in the year (CNN Library, 2019). The vast information that the kidnapper had strongly suggest that he may have been hired by a family member or business associate with access to financial information of the family. The kidnapper communicated with Ramsey’s family via a long letter indicating that the perpetrator had sufficient time to prepare (Blackburn, 2019). The letter specified the ransom and made it clear that the kidnapper was willing to harm Ramsey if the family members reported the kidnapping. However, despite the warning, the family reported the kidnapping to the police, an action that may have led to the killing of the child.
Complicated Case
JonBenet Ramsey Homicide case was marred by distortion of evidence. First, John, Ramsey’s father, tampered with the evidence by picking the body of JonBenet thus availing some additional fingerprints on it. Secondly, the cleaning of the kitchen erased a substantial amount of evidence that was vital in the case (Blackburn, 2019). Also, the fingerprints concealment on the letter made it hard to trace who wrote the letter and how he was connected to the kidnapping. From the available literature, Patsy, Ramsey’s mother was the one who called the police, raising the question why she did contrary to the kidnapper’s instruction and consequently risked the life of her child. According to Blackburn (2019), there is no forced entry to the room indicating that the perpetrator was either in the apartment or was granted free access to the room. Moreover, if the kidnapper was a stranger, he could have hidden the child in a designated area, away from her residential home.