Bachelor of Science Nursing
Institutional Affiliation
Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN)
Accreditation, Licensing, and Scope of Practice
The American Nursing Association (ANA) places all nurses including BSN nurses, under the ?Code of Ethics for Interpretive Statements.? The code entails the job description of Registered Nurses (RNs), the authority expected from them and the limits to what they can and cannot do. Accreditation and licensing are managed by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC) from the state level. The specifics of the codes and scopes of practice may vary from one state to another depending on the by-laws and terms of affiliate bodies such as the Centre for Drug Control (CDC). Renewal of license depends on whether it is active, inactive or lapsed.
An active license means the RN is legally practicing; a lapsed license means the RN has been out of practice for years and has to pay renewal fees for every year out plus any other penalties. An inactive license nurse only has to pay the annual fee for the current year to get the license to active, otherwise, if she practices without renewing, she will be legally liable and may be suspended or banned for life. A lapsed license indicates the RN is retired or no longer practicing.