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The Wall Street Journal
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The paper Grievances of the Past is published in the wall street journal. Wall street journal was founded on 8th July 1989 to cover business and financial news in America. Wall street’s main objective was to cover stock price fluctuation, bonds, and classes of commodities. However, with the events in America, the magazine started publishing other news about American people’s wellbeing. For instance, the magazine has undergone tremendous changes over time, for example, the launch of the book research section in 1995. In the progressive year 1996, the wall street journal introduced an interactive edition, the first online journal site. The section’s primary function was to mirror newspaper publications in sports, plus, and personal growth. Currently, the newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. The paper Wall street journal is a daily newspaper covering stories six times a week. The daily print readership stands at an average of 754 thousand copies, the digital print records over 2.6million copies circulation. The high number of audience and interested readers marks a total of about 42 million readers monthly. Therefore, the paper is tailored to meet the needs of different market groups and demographic audiences. Its main intention is to address the businesses and personal lives of individuals in America.
The Grievances of Trumps Past
Citing from the title of the paper and president Trump’s history as the American president, the report identifies the policies initiated by Trump and the Americans’ reactions. Does the article address the idea that if Trump was politically influential, why is the party out of power? Starting from his election, there were allegations of voter fraud and Russian involvement in his election, startling Americans’ reactions (Board, “Opinion | The Grievances Of Trump Past”). In the recent election, Joe Biden’s win has outsmarted the presidency and supremacy of the Republican Party. As such, Trump’s land mile loss suggests that the American people felt the need to rectify the government. Additionally, if the president and the Republican Party were so strong in the four-year rule, how would every policy and initiation by the party face rejection?
As President Trump continues to be a celebrated personality in media, his service term spans many contradictions. He will be marked as the first president to be impeached twice. In the rise of Joe Biden to power, the republican party can have lost all its might. This comes down to democrats slowly erasing taxes, deregulations, energy, education, and healthcare, among other policies. In