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There are various methods of data collection available for use. Research can be in various forms. The method adapted depends on the test subject. This essay will tackle the preparation of questionnaires as a means of doing research. A questionnaire is a sequence or list of questions whose aim is to elicit answers to a particular subject matter (Bradburn, Wansink and Sudman, 2015, p.285). They are of many types of questionnaires. We shall focus on the research questionnaire.
The research questionnaire is different from other questionnaires because of its structure. It must be designed in such a way as to help collect information that will go ahead and be used for data analysis (Denscombe, 2014, p.155). Its purpose is to discover things and not give information or ideas. It consists of a list of questions which are identical to all who are questioned. This oneness of questions creates a consistency which in turn ensures sorting out of answers is easy and fast. The questions asked are also direct in nature. Research questionnaire are outright and do not beat around the bush. If they want to know about a person or a certain behavior, the question will ask it in the exact words.