Trends in Courts Management
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Trends in Courts Management
American criminal justice system has constantly been marred by criticism. Various trends have emerged to enhance its effectiveness and to address these criticisms. Specialized courts have been a popular trend in the justice system in the last three decades. All states have adopted this practice and its popularity continues to grow. High costs of operating courts, victim rights concerns and other related issues has also resulted in the trend of court consolidation and restructuring of victims? rights laws. This paper will explain how specialized courts and court consolidation and restructuring and how they impact court functions. This paper also aim to show changes the court agencies have made to address these issues and their effectiveness.
Specialized Courts
Specialized or specialty courts have been an emerging trend in American justice system since 1980s. These courts are considered problem-solving courts since they are used to provide a more individualized and rehabilitative treatment for various offenders with a goal of eradicating significant causes of preventable deaths and minimizing recidivism rates. These courts aim to provide treatment to convicts instead of punishment. For this reason, they attempt to reduce future contracts with the criminal justice system (Wamsley, 2019). Common examples of specialized courts include mental health courts, drug courts, and veterans? courts.