Chapter 2 Literature Review
Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Chapter 2 Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc488477160 h 3Research Documents, Articles, Journals, and Title Searchers PAGEREF _Toc488477161 h 3Historical overview of LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination PAGEREF _Toc488477162 h 4Current Literature on Workplace Discrimination of the LGBTQ Individuals PAGEREF _Toc488477163 h 6Workplace Discrimination PAGEREF _Toc488477164 h 6Conformity and LGBTQ Identity PAGEREF _Toc488477165 h 9The Anti-Discrimination Laws and the LGBTQ Community PAGEREF _Toc488477166 h 10The Effects of Workplace Discrimination on the LGBTQ community PAGEREF _Toc488477167 h 12Theoretical Framework PAGEREF _Toc488477168 h 13Queer Theory PAGEREF _Toc488477169 h 13Stereotype Threat Theory PAGEREF _Toc488477170 h 15Summary PAGEREF _Toc488477171 h 16References PAGEREF _Toc488477172 h 17
Chapter 2 Literature Review
As stated in the first chapter of this study, few studies have positively explored the concept of transgenderism and homosexuality. This means that a few scholars have directed their focus on the issue of workplace discrimination and the experiences of the LGBTQ employees working in discriminating institutions. Therefore, this chapter reviews the previous and the current literature on the concept of transgender and homosexuality in the United States (US). The main purpose of this review is to highlight the essential components and concepts of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer persons in relation to discriminatory practices. This qualitative study employed a grounded theory of phenomenological research to explore the experiences of discrimination that the LGBTQ individuals face in their workplaces. This literature review, however, follows a specific conceptual framework to develop the key terms and concepts used to examine the past and the current research from various studies exploring the issue of LGBTQ workplace discrimination.
Research Documents, Articles, Journals, and Title Searchers
In this study, the researcher accessed several research forums and platforms. The University of Phoenix Library and EBSCOhost provided the primary data sources. Google Scholar search engine also facilitated the access to the required information. Book reviews, journals, websites, newspapers and magazines, websites, and written theses formed an integral part of the primary databases. The institutional and individual online surveys such as the Williams Institute surveys of 2017 and 2013 were also accessed through these search engines. The study reviewed a total of 40 search materials. During the database search, the researcher used various key terms. Some of them include the history of LGBTQ workplace discrimination, LGBTQ employees and gender discrimination, the US Department of Labor and LGBTQ employment statistics, the place of the LGBTQ individuals in the US employment system, gender anti-discrimination laws, effects of workplace discrimination, and the role of queer theory in LGBTQ identity.
Historical overview of LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination