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Virtual Learning Environment in K-12 Education
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Alves, P., Miranda, L., & Morais, C. (2017). The Influence of Virtual Learning Environments in Students’ Performance. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 5(3), 517-527.
The article focuses on the relationship between the application of a virtual learning environment (VLE) and the performance of students. The overriding purpose of the article was to obtain indicators that would help comprehend the relations between the integration of virtual learning environments and the performance of students. The idea to establish the frequencies concerning the access of virtual learning environments and to evaluate the consequences of such integration denote challenges to which researchers and educators attempt to respond to understand students better and eventually develop strategies that meet their interests and needs.
The authors employed a quantitative study with descriptive features incorporating data derived from experimental and literature research using a sample of about 6300 undergraduates. The information was extracted from the virtual learning environment and learner registration system databases using the analytic procedures of learning. In the end, Alves and colleagues found that there were relatively positive indicators concerning the success of students to the access of the virtual learning environment as well as the connection between such access and their academic performance. The authors concluded that the number of access to VLE remains diversified and had a positive influence on student’s performance.