Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
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We Broke The Same Bone. My Recovery Was A Breeze, Hers An Ordeal. Why?
Kolata (2019) presents a case of two individuals who experience fractures of the fifth metatarsal, in the foot, but take different durations to heal. The first, a Dr. Rosenbaum, after visiting the hospital was told that she had a Jones fracture, which is popularly considered tough to heal. The doctor handed her boots and crutches. Rosenbaum asked the doctor whether she could swim, citing that her mental health depended on exercise. However, the physician advised that she could not swim or participate in any exercises. Therefore, she was compelled to use crutches, and a scooter to move around. After a while, she also broke the fifth metatarsal in her unhurt foot because of exerting weight on one foot. It took three months for her to heal. For the other patient, she also had a fifth metatarsal fracture but her orthopedist mentioned that it was not critical. She was informed that she could exercise, and even use the elliptical machine. Within a week, she had dropped the crutches, and was using the elliptical machine. Again, in a month, she was healed.