Why is deer hunting good for the environment?
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Source 1: Cobben, M.M.P., Linnell, J.D.C., Solberg, E.J. et al. Who wants to live forever? Roe deer survival in a favourable environment.
This is a study on survival rates and body masses of roe deer on the island of Storfosna in Central Norway. The study includes a condition of halting hunting for a certain time period which results in significant increase in the population and survival rate of the deer population in the region. This study can be used to prove the effects that no hunting will have on the deer population and how its increase will actually end up harming the environment than doing any good.
Source 2: G.Cederlund, J. Bergqvist, P. Kjellander, R. Gill, J.M. Gaillard, B. Boisaubert, P. Ballon, P. Duncan., Managing the roe deer and their impact on the environment: Maximizing the net benefits to the society
This academic paper is based on the restrictions placed on hunting, reintroduction of deer, winter feeding and habitat management. It highlights how these factors have led to an increase in deer populations which cause significant damage. This paper will help in highlighting the reasons for ineffective deer management and also provide reasons as to why restrictions on hunting lead to more damage than good.
Source 3: The Scientific American, Does Hunting help or hurt the environment?
This article from the Scientific American magazine highlights the viewpoints both against and for hunting and goes on to describes the logistics pertaining to how lesser Americans hunt today than before. This article can be used to draw the facts regarding increasing public support for hunting and it having a more legitimate place in the modern society.