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Annotated Bibliography on More Strict Gun Laws
BIBLIOGRAPHY Coonan, C. “China blasts U.S. gun culture.” Variety (10) (2013): 59.In this article, the author highlights the differences between gun control rules in China and the US. The author notes that acquiring a gun in China is much more difficult than it is in the US because of the strict laws in China. I will use this article to compare the existing gun policies in China and the U.S.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Grillot, S, R. “Global Gun Control: Examining the Consequences of Competing International Norms.” Global Governance, 17(4) (2011): 529-555.In this paper, the writer laments the difficulty in instituting gun controls. He also reveals the increased gun ownership and crime rates associated with guns. I will use this article to echo the need to have gun control in place but also reiterate on the existing challenges to its implementation.