Rough Draft, length = 4-5 pages 
APA style citation for article at top of first page, single-spaced.
Attach a printed PDF copy of the journal article to back of paper 
INTRODUCTION (20 points) 
– Paragraph 1: Introduce the topic of the article and why you chose it in one full opening paragraph
– Paragraph 2: Summarize the previous research discussed in the introduction of the article 
– Paragraph 3: Describe why the author(s) state more research is important 
– Paragraph 4: Close introduction by directly quote the state the research question(s), study aims or hypothesis 
METHODS (20 points) – Participants & Procedure: 
– Describe where, when and how the participants were enrolled in the study and any inclusion criteria – Give the number of participants used for analysis and describe their demographic characteristics (e.g.,
age, gender, race, education, income, sexual orientation, marital status) 
– Materials & Measures:
– Describe any questionnaires used (e.g., demographics, self report of other information) – Include the name and response choices for all scales used (e.g., yes/no, agree/disagree). – Describe any materials used to collect data (e.g., computers, tablets, medical devices, etc.) 
RESULTS (20 points)
– Organize and present the results by the research question(s), study aims or hypothesis
– Summarize the results the relevant data (e.g., scores, averages, percentages) in simple everyday language. 
Do not include statistical notations (e.g., p<.001) Do not refer to tables or figures that the reader cannot see  DISCUSSION (30 points) - Discuss TWO problems/limits with the research methods in a full paragraph each. It must be stated if the  limits mentioned were suggested by the author(s) or if they are your own critique of the research.   Generalizability? Methodological? Study Design?  - Paragraph 2: Close the paper with your closing thoughts on -  What you found interesting about this study, -  What you would add to the next study, and lastly -  Something you learned doing this assignment.  Final Paper, submitted with rough draft attached