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Practice Problem Summary
Nowadays, it is visible how technology has impacted positively on the field of health. We can benefit from the use of technology in every aspect related to health.
Without technology, it would be more difficult to have a clear medical diagnosis due to the fact that various diseases share almost the same signs and symptoms and when the disease is confirmed, then it need to be treated, and some treatments go beyond a pill, and at this point when a surgery is needed, for example, what can we do today without technology?
Annotated Bibliography
Bobrowski, P., & McEldowney, R. (2016). Is Leadership in Creativity and Innovative Technology the Cure for Quality Affordable Healthcare? Journal of Leadership Studies,10(1), 87-88.
This research paper analyzes the impact of leadership on the provision of quality healthcare to patients. The authors recommend the use of multidisciplinary leadership models in the management of healthcare technology as a means of improving health outcomes. The role of government as stakeholders in the health sector is highlighted as vital as far as regulation to facilitate advancement in healthcare is concerned. This paper is relevant in my research as it will be used to highlight the role that other stakeholders outside the healthcare industry can play in healthcare technology. In addition, it could also be used to assess an important leadership aspect related to creativity and innovation and its impact on healthcare technology.