Sociology: Annotated Bibliography
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Sociology: Annotated Bibliography
Government, U. S. (2017). Gangs and Crime in America: Escalating Violence in El Salvador,
Background and U.S. Relations, Central America Regional Security Initiative, Sanchez Ceren Administration, Anti-Gang, Counternarcotics.
The book by U.S. Government provides information about Crime and gangs in the United States. It mainly discusses the increase in violence rates in areas such as El Salvador. Other issues addressed related to violence include countering narcotics, anti-gang, the administration of Sanchez Ceren, the regional security establishment in Central America, and the United States and Background relations. The information provided is relevant to the research because it provides substantial facts about violence in America and different techniques used to curb violence. Moreover, the author offers an in-depth discussion on increases in violence cases by explaining how gangs have involved themselves in drug use, kidnapping, extortion, and firearm smuggling.
Susan Scutti, S. (2019). 7 people died and 52 were wounded due to gun violence in Chicago this
weekend. Retrieved 11 November 2019, from