Mary Flannery O’Connor born to Irish parents is an author who has written many stories and novels with her main themes revolving around religion. She has tried to use characters that at the beginning assume different roles but later in the end come to realization. She for example depicts how the rich are made aware that wealth is just worldly and they are short lived, the proud are humbled, the wise are made to realize that their wisdom is foolishness according to God, the ignorant are enlightened, among others.
In one of her literature ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find’ she has used the grandmother to relate to God in several occasions. The grandmother, from the fact that she is a lady, views herself as being superior that others in terms of moral. With the view to that, the grandmother is seen in several occasions passing judgment to others freely (O’Connor 15). She has further claimed that her judgment and life has always been guided by her conscience. It is later evident when she tells Bailey that she will not take her children in the same direction as that of misfit claiming that her conscience will not let her. She is also seen to be criticizing the mother of the children by failing to travel to the place she believes they would have grown and develop. She even insults the mother by likening her face to a cabbage. In other occasions, the grandmother has been seen rebuking John Wesley after failing to show respect that she believes Georgia deserves. Throughout the book, the grandmother has been seen to pass judgment on the people who she felt acted wrongly. From the Bible, only God who is referred to as the Supreme Being can pass judgment to others and therefore O’Connor has successfully related the character of God to the grandmother (O’Connor and Ellsberg 13).