American Federalism Article Review.
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American Federalism Article Review.
Article Title: Is Federalism Still the “Dark Continent” of Political Science Teaching? Yes, and No
Author(s): John Kincaid and Richard L. Cole
Source: PS: Political Science and Politics, Vol. 47, No. 4 (October 2014), pp. 877-883
Published by: American Political Science Association
John Kincaid and Richard L. Cole, in their article, “Is Federalism Still “Dark Continent” of Political Science Teaching? Yes, and No” describes the teaching rates of federalism in American schools and the and the departments that favor the course most. In America’s government, federalism is the central rationale; thus, raising a concern on the degree of attention subjected to its study beyond the basic course. Past studies indicate that in political science studies, the American unionism existed as a “dark continent.” However, the recent statistics and surveys show that the concept captures the most attention, and most courses prefer offering in the future. The transformation of republicanism in America is evident upon comparing the 1969 and 2013’s study reports. Political science departments value offering intergovernmental relations (IGR) or American federalism courses for undergraduates and graduates at varied levels.