An Annotated Bibliography is essentially a Works Cited page but with annotations (a brief paragraph) summarizing and evaluating each source. Your document and entries need to be formatted correctly in MLA citation formatting, and they should be in alphabetical order as in a Works Cited page. Underneath each citation, indented so that it is clearly part of that citation, you’ll construct a paragraph of 4-6 complete, thoughtful sentences. Each source’s paragraph/annotation must include these elements: A brief summary of the source in your own words. You may choose to include a quote to illustrate a specific moment in the text you found important; if so, please use correct in-text citations at the end of it, and make sure that you also have a couple of sentences of summary in your own words. An indication of how you think this article might support or contribute to your overall argument. Be specific! For example, you might have a source that discusses the depiction of women and gender in the work of Homer; you would then note that this source might help you understand the context of the depiction of Penelope in his Odyssey in particular. Please note that it is perfectly appropriate to use first-person pronouns such as “I” and “my” in this part of your annotation.