Annotated Bibliography
Vijayakumar, Mani. “Advertising to Kids-Rationales & Issues.” Research Journal of Social Science & Management, vol. 4, no. 8, 2014, pp. 130-137.
The author of the article highlights the dangerous issues arising from advertisements directed to children. Young people spend a considerable amount of time watching the television, chatting with friends online, or browsing the internet for various reasons. All these avenues provide opportunities for advertisers to target children and manipulate their underdeveloped decision-making skills in favor of certain products and services. Entrepreneurs zero in on this target group because children are likely to influence their parent’s purchasing opinions (Vijayakumar 133). Unfortunately, advertising to children has detrimental effects on the target population. Children have lower emotional and cognitive tools to determine the authenticity of a promotional tactic as compared to adults. Therefore, adverts can cause young people to make poor life choices since they cannot differentiate between reality and advertisement strategies. The article relates to the topic of the study by illustrating the dangers of advertising to children and articulating the need for more responsive marketing.