Dear writer

please Use the PMBOK, Larson and relevant references to make recommendations of in relation to project delivery

Excluding , Appendices and Executive Summary



The assessment criteria for the Individual Assignment is as follows:

• 10% based on report layout, presentation and clarity
• 10% on class participation,
• 80% on report structure, document integration, document effectiveness, planning & thought processes, analysis of issues, report rigor, finding, conclusions, recommendations

Creative HQ is Wellington’s startup base. We enable bright people to build brilliant
businesses by nourishing entrepreneurial talent and driving startup innovation in our
We are dedicated to increasing the number of high growth businesses that fuel New
Zealand’s economy through our incubation and acceleration programmes as well as
our grassroots entrepreneur initiatives and innovation services.
Lighting lab
A world-class acceleration programme started by Creative HQ in 2012, Lightning Lab is New Zealand’s premier digital accelerator.
Lightning Lab takes in up to 12 digital startups and provides them with structure, startup methodologies, business skills and focussed support so they can continually prove, build and launch their ideas into market. The 12-week mentor-intensive programme is based on the best of breed accelerator model developed by TechStars in the US.
Project brief
You are required to prepare a project plan for an online platform as part of the formal presentation and submission to Lightning Lab.
The project brief is to develop a project plan for an online platform for a commercial venture that has the capacity to be scaled into a global multi- million dollar enterprise.
You will need to spend some time brainstorming the concept for an online platform or online digital venture.
You will need to decide what budget is required and any additional venture funds that may be required.
The venture must have the capacity to be scaled. Ideally it will be innovative, creative and original.
Project requirements
The key requirement is the project management and the project delivery of your venture. It’s about piecing the whole project together. Your project plan will need to provide a brief and high level overview of the venture and its delivery.
The project emphasis is on the focus of project management, rather than a strict focus on entrepreneurship factors such as financial projections, viability and marketing. Whilst these do require consideration, the project essentially revolves around the delivery of the online platform/digital venture.
Project Plan
You are required to prepare a Project Plan for the new venture that addresses the critical PMBOK Knowledge Areas.
As part of the project plan you will need to:
1. Establishtheprojectobjectiveandmakealistofyourassumptionsaboutthe project.
2. Developaworkbreakdownstructure,keyonesonly
3. Preparealistofthespecificactivitiesthatneedtobeperformedtoaccomplish
the project objective, key activities
4. Foreachactivity,assignthepersonwhowillberesponsible
5. Developprojectscope
6. Prepareastakeholdermanagementplan,highlevelwithmainstakeholdersonly
7. Prepareacommunicationsplan,maincommunicationsonly

8. Identifykeyrisksandundertakeariskassessment,keyrisksonly
9. AnyotherPMBOKknowledgeareas,projectmanagementprocesses,toolsand
techniques required to be documented in your project plan. 10.Prepare a SWOT analysis
Project plan submissions will receive high ratings that demonstrate:
• demonstrate a solid venture proposal with a solid project delivery plan
• originality
• creativity
• innovation
• project management principles and coordination