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In search of the True Self
Mark Pierpont, an influential evangelical Christian, his main effort was to assists gay people in ending their homosexual desires. He traveled all over the world, speaking to thousands of people regarding homosexuality, particularly gayism. Despite that, Mark Pierpont himself is gay, and always feels strong sexual desires towards other men (Kobe n.d). To suppress his feelings, he experiences an inner conflict between his desires and his religious beliefs
The author’s efforts to discuss the challenges experienced in search of oneself. The inner conflicts instituted due to the primary individual desires, faith, and community expectations. For instance, Mark Pierpont strongly desires to be with another man. However, society views gays as immoral and forbidden act. Also, according to his religious beliefs, homosexuality is regarded as a sin. As a Christian, he struggles to live a Christian life, as his desires make it hard for him to live as per his values. Thus, if Mark Pierpont decides to sleep with another man, he would betray the essential person he is (Kobe n.d).