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The above article examines the relapse rates in America and the different research-based treatment for relapse. According to the article, studies conducted by the center disease center calculate approximately that more than 114 people die a day because of drugs. In the quest to examine the death of a popular singer Amy Winehouse who died of alcohol poisoning and was admitted in rehab several times, the journal consulted Bankole Johnson the author of Addiction Medicine. Johnson has been trying to develop a medication approach to addition. He emphases that there are a better way to avoid relapse like medication-based approach rather than the psychological therapy alone. However, the article dismisses the method by indicating that his method is far from being the solution for relapse. This article relates to the question in hand in that it helps us understand the form of treatment available in order to minimize the relapse rate.
Ibrahim, F., & Kumar, N. (2009). Factors Affecting Drug Relapse: An Empirical Evidence. Asian Social Science, 5(12). doi:10.5539/ass.v5n12p37
This article observes that many individuals setback to drug use shortly after been released from a rehabilitation center. This is a vital issue that needed to be looked at and this article took the time to address it. This article examines research conducted using 400 drug addict relapse from eight rehabilitation programs with the aim of examining the factors that lead to relapse. The methodology used in the research was the questionnaire. It was concluded that colleague support, family care, social acceptance, and self-value were the major factor that influenced the relapse. They further explain that if a drug addicts lack any of these factors after rehabilitation there are high chances that they would relapse back to drug use. The limitations faced during the research focused on only selected rehabilitation centers. This article is related to the research in the sense that it would assist in evaluating the various cause of relapse.