The Drawbacks of Vaccination
Blad, Evie. “When Measles Breaks Out, Unvaccinated Kids Send Schools Scrambling.” Education Digest, vol. 84, no. 9, May 2019, pp. 4–8. EBSCOhost,
The article was written in May, in 2019 by Blad Evie. The source of the writing was Education Digest. The periodical has discussed various subjects. They include population, measles, public health, the health of children, and vaccination of children. In his writing, the author focuses on the role of vaccines in eliminating disorders affecting children. If children are infected with the disease, it could result in severe repercussions for the population. Additionally, the study focuses on the measles outbreak in schools. Children who were not given vaccines due to the refusal of their parents were susceptible to the outbreak. Apart from that, the article outlines the expenditure incurred by both the government and schools. Also, it shows the challenges that they also face to curb the disease. Therefore, I will use the periodic to show the benefit of vaccination. I will also give an account of the school context, in case an outbreak occurs, what will be repercussions to the population. Finally, the article will counter-argue the ideas against vaccination.