The Gift of the Magi is written by O. Henry. The story revolves on the ironic couple, James Dillingham Young and Della, who are financially upset. To give gifts to each other, the couple sold their most prized possessions. Ironically, they both bought gifts that useless to them. Upon reading the story, I found it funny and irrational at the same time. Funny in a way that it is sweet of them to buy each other some gifts even though they already have each other. It is just like how young couples who are still undergrad do when they celebrate monthsaries or anniversaries.
Which leads to my point on the couple being irrational. Rather than spending the money they got on buying gifts, they should have celebrated it by eating out in a restaurant or even trying to buy something new for their house. Nevertheless, this couple is cute since they put an effort on trying to give something for their partner even though they have nothing anymore. This act shows their endless love for each other. They sacrificed their Material possessions are not an issue to them since their love overpowers it all.
However, the act they committed also showed h