Critical Reading Exercise of Renegade Dreams
In Renegade Dreams, Laurence Ralph narrates his life experiences at Eastwood. Laurence’s friends; Otis, Pearl, Justin, Amy, Tosh, Tamara, and Tony who lived in Chicago were mostly non-academics and persevered through hardships to realize their dreams and live a better life. The friends led an exemplary life by upholding their dreams and enduring mental, emotional, ethnic, economic, social, and racial tranquilities. Laurence Ralph proclaims that he lived in Eastwood between 2007 and 2010; however, he has since gone back to the place severally. The life experiences at Eastwood were an example of the prevalence of racism in the region. Even in modern society, racial segregation persists despite its existence for hundreds of years. Laurence’s monograph, Renegade Dreams, is a perfect presentation of racial segregation that the blacks have to endure while living in mixed-race countries.[Ralph, Laurence. Renegade dreams: Living through injury in gangland Chicago. University of Chicago Press, 2014.58-59.]
The author describes “renegades will” as intentions or decisions of the people in Eastwood to improve their lifestyle in the community despite experiencing injury or disability. Life in Eastwood was tough which emerged as a lesson for the people to fathom how to establish relationships or social bonds as well as define their future by the way they saw life. People who lived in Eastwood would share their experiences often to raise the spirit of people in the region to focus on their life goals. “Renegades will” suffices to be the focus on dreams rather than giving up. Laurence wanted to do a lot of things while living in Eastwood which included writing an ethnography, research, and life experiences. As such, Laurence’s approach to changing the society involved writing about real issues and creating awareness in the community. Therefore, the renegades dream is about changing the community through the narration of real-life experiences.