Gerontology and Addiction
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Gerontology and Addiction
Koechl, B., Unger, A., & Fischer, G. (2012). Age-related aspects of addiction.  Gerontology, 58(6), 540-544.
According to this article, age does not specify the extent of drug addiction. As such, it can occur at any time of one’s growth. However, morbidity levels due to abuse of drugs is high among people aged 65 and above. Therefore, the elderly are advised to maintain proper health and quality of life that does not involve abuse of drugs.
Sendzik, T., McDonald, P. W., Brown, K. S., Hammond, D., & Ferrence, R. (2011). Planned quit attempts among Ontario smokers: impact on abstinence. Addiction, 106(11), 2005-2013.
This article examines the probability of adult smokers attempting to quit the habit. The authors draws conclusion from the examination of 551 adult participants and provides information regarding the need to avoid addiction. Techniques of abstinence are also discussed and the percentage of adults suffering from the smoking habit.