Each student will complete two reviews of literature utilizing scientific peer-reviewed journal articles that are data-driven, practical or theoretical in nature.
Please note: Only scholarly research articles also known as peer-reviewed journal articles will be accepted for this assignment. Magazines, web pages, and newspaper articles will not be acceptable. Some examples of peer-reviewed journals in the HRD discipline include: Human Resource Development Review, Performance Improvement Quarterly, Journal of European Industrial Training, Advances in Developing Human Resources, Human Resource Development Quarterly, etc.
At this stage in your development as a writer and researcher, it is assumed that you are new to the process of reviewing and critiquing research articles. Consequently, this journal article critique assignment will require your analysis and reaction to two research articles.
To complete this assignment you must select two scholarly journal articles (one should be a scholarly data-driven article; while the other one may be data-driven, theoretical, or practical in nature).
Each journal article critique must begin with a reference for the article correctly identified in APA 6th Edition format