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Can Love Exist Without Hate?
Whether or not love can exist without hate is an aspect that has generated several debates. This paper provides an annotated bibliography on this debate.
Spann, Nicole. “Parallels of love and hate defined by attachments.” (2017).
The article explores the relationship between love and hate. The author contends that both love and hate exist, and none can exist without the other. Both love and hate are psychological and emotional responses towards things around us based on several factors(Spann 10). However, in love, the response is positive and negative in hate. This implies that it is either one loves or hates.
The author uses his scholarly experience in the field of psychology to argue his claims. The argument is part of his academic dissertation; thus, no doubt that the claims made are scientific and valid. Using already existing studies, the author demonstrates how love and hate are typically opposite sides of the same coin. Unlike other authors, the author focuses on explaining why love and hate are parallels and the role of attachments in determining if one loves or hates.