Annotated Bibliography
Sexual addiction is a psychiatric disorder caused by compulsive sexual behavior. For a long time, sexual addiction has ignored although studies have shown that the behavior has booth medical and psychiatric effects.
Wheeler, M. (2012). Science supports sex addiction as a legitimate disorder. UCLA Newsroom. Retrieved from
Wheeler’s article highlights how uncontrolled sexual behavior is a mental health disorder. The author refers to several scientific evidence to prove his claim. He terms sexual addiction as a mental health issue of concern that needs to be addressed. The article explores the criteria that can be used to prove that sexual addiction is a mental health disorder. According to the author sexual addiction is characterized by; recurring patterns of sexual fantasies as well as urges, unpleasant mood states such as stress and behaviors lasting a period of six months or longer.
The article employs the use of scientific evidence to substantiate its position. It also involves studies from medical institutions such as Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior as well as research from psychiatrists and psychologists such a Rory Reid. Wheeler uses these sources to assure the reader of the credibility of his position. The argument being presented in the article supports the thesis of the paper as it points out how sexual addiction is a psychiatric disorder that has both medical and mental effects.