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English 101
Stein, Rob. “Report Urges Nationwide Campaign to Combat Childhood Obesity.” The Washington Post. 1 October 2004: Pg. A16 
In this post, ways in which children are prevented from being obese are discussed. The post mentions how doctors, parents, schools, media, and government require evaluating the condition. It points out the way doctors should find out by the body mass index often and the way parents are going to regulate the way their children are eating. The post also detailed the way in which the media should reduce marketing junk food. However, it mentions how the school food system should be changed by coming up with healthy foods. When the very report was published, Senator Edward Kennedy introduced a bill which was meant to ban all the vending machines which are selling the foods and drinks which are not healthy for consumption particularly in schools which are getting funds from the federal government. Stein mentions the ways the very recommendations we received from the general public and other advocates who were anti-obesity. Moreover, the post indicated that there were some disagreements and concerns with few professors and association of national food processors.
Santora, Marc. “Child Obesity Picture Grim Among New York City Poor.” The New York Times. 6 April 2006. 
Marc Santora in his post in New York time finds a connection between the obesity and low incomes in children of New York City. His post is well written where he started by referencing studies others studies which were done earlier times. According to the findings, one out of two-year-olds were found to be obese. However, it goes up to one in three which was at the age of four was obese. Santora found out that the number of children who are becoming obese is increasing rapidly each year. This particular number increases at a very high rate, especially at their early age. He said that there must be some precautions which must be taken in the city to prevent and change the health code of the city. He mentions that physical activity and diet are the first things to consider bringing such changes. He referenced that the most affected children in America are Hispanic and African-American boys. In his findings, he quoted one of the lead authors called Candace Young who talked about the way in which we should emphasize things our children should eat and drink.
Must, A., and R. S. Strauss. “Risks and Consequences of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity.” International Journal of Obesity 23(1999):S2-S11. Print.
The journal begins by mentioning the short-term risks which arise when being an obese child. The very risks for neurological, orthopedic and pulmonary conditions which are limited to overweight children have been very common. The journal also talks about the consequences which a child goes through while under obese conditions. The journal concluded by mentioning some of the statistics of morbidity and mortality rate of a child which have been in obese condition for all their lifetime and their journey to their adulthood. The journal talks about the negative consequences which arise from the adolescent and childhood obesity. The paper tries to equip the reader with the knowledge on the kind of diseases which are associated with the overweight such as diabetes and heart disease. It also brings in a lot of ideas on why emphasis should be put more on obesity.
Birch, L .L., and A. K. Ventura. “Preventing Childhood Obesity: What Works?” International Journal of  Obesity 33 (2009): S74-81. Print.
The journal provides skills and ideas on the proper ways which the obesity in children could be stopped or minimized since it is one of the health factors which is increasing at an alarming rate among the young populations. Most of these prevention measures surround the school going children, but there has no much achievement since most of these children become obese even before attaining such age. It also mentions that there should be more efforts put on the fa