Critical Review
The NFL Rookie Cap; an empirical analysis of one of the NFL’S most closely guarded secrets;Len Pasquarelli
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Summary of the article
The researcher is trying to determine whether there exists any relationship between how a team out of the 32 NFL is selected for the rookie and how the team’s franchise is considered in the draft selection. To answer this question the researcher tries to determine a formula that can be used to reveal the relationship; he makes a hypothesis to be proved after his findings stating that it is possible to draft a model that would guide the world about NFL’s biggest secret about the factors they consider when deciding on how much they will spend on a team in the rookie cap. The researcher who is an analyst and also a writer of the ESPN, Len Pasquarelli used a statistical analysis to conduct the research of already existing data and much of which has been released by NFL and other reporters over the years about the rookie cap.
The statistical data analyzed comprised of previous values of the rookies alongside the selections that had been made within a period of six years and salaries data that was got from, the analysis was then used to predict some values that had just been released of the year 2007. Rookie data used was for years from 2002 through 2007 and was obtained from while data about the selection was obtained from