Here are the required Textbooks:
1. Robinson-Wood, T. (2013). The Convergence of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Multiple Identities in Counseling (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Publishing.
2. Sue, D. W. & Sue, D. (2012). Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice. (6th ed).

Class : Social Cultural Foundations of Counseling:
This course defines and examines the importance of understanding cultural and ethnic attributes; and the impact these attributes have on relationships, issues and trends, and the counseling relationship. Attention is given to the influence of gender roles, ethnic groups, subcultures, urban and rural societies, cultural mores, and differing family life patterns on the counseling relationship; related counselor self-awareness; counselors’ roles in eliminating biases and oppression; and theories of multicultural development and identity formation, social advocacy for diverse populations, related ethics, and culturally supported wellness. Self -growth experiential activities are associated with this course content.

I have to do a class presentation and I have a partner. I will have to do the Awareness and Advocacy and Presentation part of the presentation. She will be doing Skill and Knowledge. Please see below. Thank you.

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Class Presentation. Students will self-identify and develop their own groups of no more than 2 individuals with the responsibility to develop and present on a multicultural group of their choosing (i.e. SES, Native Americans/American Indians, Latinos/Hispanics, people of African Descent, people of Asian descent, people of Middle Eastern descent, multi- or Bi-racial, Gender, Sexuality, Disability or Spirituality) . The presentation should include a discussion of awareness, knowledge, skills and advocacy in providing behavioral health services; may be presented in PowerPoint if so desired, but it is not a requirement, and may include an exercise or other type of experiential activity. (45 – Minutes). Presentations will be presented to the class as described below. See rubric on blackboard.
Class Presentation Rubric – LASA