1- Find the human rhodopsin protein sequence – Accession no NP_000530

in Genbank, at NCBI
2- Find related sequences by using BLASTP, and selecting homo sapiens in

Organism box
3- Run BLASTP. IN your results you should see a range of related human

4- Select a range of sequences using the check boxes, and download the

5- Carry out the alignment, and look at the result. Have you included

enough sequences? If not repeat using additional sequences.
6- Repeat the BLASTP search, but this time in the organism box, select

primates, then check the exclude box
7- In the BLASTP results you should see rhodopsin from a range of species.

Download sequences from as diverse a range of species as you can.
8- Run CLUSTAL Omega on the different rhodopsin sequences you have

9- What does this tell you about the conservation of rhodop