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This assignment will give you practice closely reading the Introduction and Methods of scholarly articles to see how theory ties together with previous findings. Closely reading these sections are the first steps to understanding and evaluating the claims a researcher makes.

1. Introduction
a. What is the research hypothesis or the question being tested in your study?
b. Identify one of the theories that the author uses to frame the research
hypothesis (or question). Is the theory causal, structural or interpretive (p.74- 84)? How can you tell? If your author does not use any theory to frame their research, will that cause a problem for understanding their results?
c. In 2-3 sentences, do the researchers sufficiently ground their hypotheses in prior research? Are you uncertain how their results fit in with the existent scientific literature or what the findings of their study could mean?

2. Method
a. Does your study use PSS or ISS methodologies? Is your study design
qualitative or quantitative? In 1-2 sentences, how do you know?
b. In 2-3 sentences, does this research method seem like a reasonable way to test
the research hypothesis? Does this method provide a kind of information that is valuable to know about the research topic?
If your study is qualitative:
a. Write a paragraph addressing the following question: What is one theme that
the author identifies in the data? Does she successfully ground that theme in the data? If so, what about the data helps you understand the theme? If no, what data would you like to see?
b. Write 1-2 sentences addressing the following question: What context does the author identify to make sense of these themes? Does this context help to explain the behaviors that she observes? If so, how? If not, what context is missing from your understanding?

If your study is quantitative:
a. List and describe the independent and dependent variables in your study. For
each variable, what concept does it operationalize and what are the possible attributes for these variables? If there are more than three independent variables or dependent variables, just select three in total. For each variable, write a sentence or two addressing whether you think it is a good way of quantifying the related concept.
b. Using the variables that you have just identified, describe the null and alternate hypotheses tested in this study. If there was more than one hypothesis tested, just select one. In 1-2 sentences, does the hypothesis being tested fit with the research question from the Introduction?