employing and explaining Walter Benjamin’s concept of the “aura” of an artwork and his belief that mechanical reproduction threatens a genuine artwork’s aura and the possibility of authentic aesthetic experience, and the two concepts from Foucault’s “This is Not a Pipe” which are
1) connection between image + text.
2) plastic representation vs linguistic reference.
In these terms, analyze the paintings number 1 and 15 by Rene Magritte from “this is not a pipe”.

texts and sources to use:
1) Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” (1936).
2) Foucault, This is Not A Pipe (1983).
3) Plates by Magritte in “this is not a pipe”

MUGO’s Note

The book can be accessed from http://monoskop.org/images/9/99/Foucault_Michel_This_Is_Not_a_Pipe.pdf