Tonsil of cerebellum A belong to archicerebellum B belong to lymphoid tissue of cerebellum С is located below the cerebellum near the foramen magnum D is located above the cerebellum near the cerebellar tentorium notch E belong to paleocerebellum 4. (单选题) What does not belong to the cerebellar nuclei in the following description ? A Red nucleus B Dentate nuclei с Fastigial nuclei D Globose nuclei E Emboliform nuclei 5. 单选题 Female, 39 years old, fell off the motorcycle, causing brain injury. During the hospitalization treatment, she had rapid breathing, cough, panic, and died of respiratory and circulatory failure. To analyze the cause of death, the following description is wrong: А Transtentorial herniation B Intracranial hypertension с The center of respiration and cardiovascular in medulla oblongata is damaged D Cerebellar tonsillar herniation E Compression of medulla oblongata