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By representing, one means the ways in which individuals or groups are shown to be in their “actual environments.” This is not a study in film narrative as much as it is in observation about how people and issues are represented in still image or very short sequence. Do not NARRATE or SUMMARIZE the films.

In this essay, your observations will focus on five (5) films in the NFB collections ( you add 2. Based on your observations of representations in the films, look for patterns of regularity and similarity on how specific people are portrayed and represented.

*Films : 1. For Angela, 2. No Address, 3. VTR St.Jacques. 3. 24 days in Brooks 5. Age is not a barrier

How does the language represent certain group? How does the gesture reflect stereotype with certain groups and how are they portrayed in terms of appearance? Link all these to a sociological theory.

Link it with section in Krumer-Nevo and Benjamin’s article, “Critical Poverty Knowledge” (Supplied), especially the section called “Othering and people in poverty”, and lastly, Moscovici’s article (supplied) called “An Essay on social representations and ethnic minorities” especially the concept of Racism, an ism of the modern world and compare it with discussion in NFB Kids Potrayal of children by the National film board of Canada 1939-1989 By Brian J Low(supplied)

So, three things to do: film reviews for representation of issues related to how individuals, or group of people or ethnicity are potrayed , keep track of how you looked at the images; compare what you did with the methods discussions in Low, Krumer-Nevo and Moscovici an link it with the discussion in NFB KIDS POTRAYAL OF CHILDREN BY THE NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA 1939-1989 (SUPPLIED) BY BRIAN J LOW in his discussion (pp24-40 and 131-146).d

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