Research Topic : Developing competency matrix for people in the management of oil & gas industry
• Introduction

• Research Questions: only qualitative
• What is meant by a competency matrix?
• How does a competency matrix look like?
• How can we develop a competency matrix?

• Literature Review : only qualitative article and journels realted to topic.

• Qualitative Research Methodology

What approach are you going to use?

• Grounded theory & Phenomology – why this approach? How will it help you?

• What tools are you going to use?

• Interview / semi structured interview/ observations (field notes)

• Pilot Study
In this section you should create :

1. interview questions:

• ensure that you include in your questions what do they think about your method/approach you will be using to answer your research questions?

• Is it good ? yes no or why? Include in your interview field notes ( their voice? Their body language? What you felt?)

• Provide interview questions in appendix

• interview 2 people in Human resource management and ask them the designed interview questions and ensure that you add both interview in appendix.
• Include under pilot study section what are the key points both interviews mentioned and then create a table showing the communality between both interviewed people? Similarities? Differences? What you will incorporate why or why not?

• Revised Qualitative Method Research Method
What was your intial method ? what was their method (interviews) what is common between both of you? What was different ? and why? After the whole process what do you think is the right process that should have been used in the methodology and why?


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