Please find attached the assignment template as a guide in addition to the assignment questions, and the slope I chose. If you require any further information, please let me know. The book is called Elements of Soil Mechanics, it can be found online. And the software that has to be used for one of the questions is FLAC2. We are ONLY allowed to use 2 version. The link for that is:
The steps for using the software are pretty straightforward, but just in case, I’ve elaborated them below:
Instalation guidelines:

– Unzip the file in c:

– open the folder, and go to Flac500, exe, and click twice in the file flacv_dp. The first time you execute the program, some information is requested. After that, when the message”flac:” is displayed in the black window, write “giic”. It opens the interface.

– The steps to follow:

1) Geometry (Buid, block)

2) Materials: Soil: Mohr-Coulomb; Concrete: elastic. (Material, assign, create)

3) Boundary conditions (fix x-y at the bottom nodes, fix x in the lateral nodes)

4) Settings: gravity (9.81) and Mach, “Large strains”, to allow you to realise the type of failure.

5) Utility, history, GP, Gridpoints, and for example, xdisp (to storage the displacement of a particular point, for example, at the top of the wall or the slope).

6) Running the program: run, cycle, and present a number of cycles.

It is convenient to save the project inmediatelly before running, and storaging intermediate results with consecutive numbers (as demonstrated in the classroom).

If H is the wall (or slope) depth, it is recommended to model, at least, 2xH in deep, and 6xH horizontal dimension.

I can not possibly copy paste anything from the template as it is my friend’s assignment. He got a good mark for it, but I am aiming for a better one as I had a bad history with the subject.

Please let me know what the procedure is now, if we’re meeting up to discuss it or if you will just send me back the assignment. I haven’t really ever done this before, so..

Thank you so much
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