This course is all about managing a project, including all planning, charting and scheduling. (Phase 1 is due this Thursday morning, Phase 2 has a flexible deadline up to 7 days if needed!)

Phase 1 includes (All the following details are provided in the file [Phase 1] which will be attached) providing the business need for the project, objectives, business justification (whether the project is done because of public demand or opportunity, etc,.), project description, critical success factor, stakeholders influences on the project, constraints of the project, assumptions for the project, project risks & the milestone schedule.

Phase 2 includes (All the following details are provided in the file [Phase 2] which will be attached)
• Develop the WBS of the project
• List and sequence all tasks using network diagram
• Decide on the project calendar
• Allocate duration, cost, and resources to each task
• Decide on the start and end dates for each task.
• Draw a Gantt chart for the project
• List all tasks that are on the critical path
• Risk plan

If requested, the course material can also be attached for reference and to allow a better understanding of the simple project required as an outcome.

The final result should be rather simple, as this is a Bachelor level course and nothing outstanding is required other than appearance where possible.

Charts, diagrams and tables may be required due to the needed material.

The number of pages may be less than 7 (Excluding Cover page & content page) which is acceptable, as long as all points in the project are covered accurately according to the instructions in the files that will be attached.

The project to be managed is the establishment of a boutique.
The boutique will be in Abu Dhabi, UAE (for price reference, IF NEEDED [Prices could be completely virtual]) and the main idea is to invite online merchants on the various social media applications, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc,. to have their merchandise (Of any kind, varying from womens clothing to food merchants and even T-shirt designers..) in the boutique, as most of these online merchants don’t actually have the physical place for people to visit and see/touch the merchendise first-handed as many people prefer vs. online shopping. The idea is to centralize and make online merchandise tangible for people who are hesitant to try buying these things online. It will both make people trust the merchants more, as their merchandise is available and has been solidly proven to be trustworthy and give the merchants a boost to their sales due to the media coverage that the boutique will be having.

The only concern is to get the physical place, staff, decoration, etc,.
Invite the merchants and make them feel comfortable depending on what their merchandise would need (clothing would need wardrobes and clothing stands while food would need fridges or freezers, etc,.).
And lastly, the media coverage or the advertisement that would attract costumers.

I’m sorry for the very long description, and for any forgotten or unclear instruction, please contact me and I would be more than willing to explain and further describe the requirements.