Cultural competence requires the ability to step outside one�s cultural comfort zone and learn about one�s own culture by comparing and contrasting it to other cultures. �For this assignment you must select a cultural group that is different from your own and make an effort to respectfully and substantially obtain insights about this culture. �You are not limited to Hispanic cultures for this assignment. �Please take a broad definition of culture beyond race and ethnicity. �Consider conducting ethnographic research on groups such as same sex married couples, EDM (electronic dance music) culture, Muslim culture, etc. �If you have trouble finding people to interview or events/activities to observe, post a message on the message board and ask for help from me and you colleagues.
Assignment Instructions
Select a cultural group to which you do not belong, and conduct a brief ethnography using three methods:�
secondary internet research about the consumer behavior of members of this culture;
�two interviews with members of this cultural group about their consumer habits and marketing preferences;
participant observation by participating in an activity or event in which your selected group participates and in which you would not normally participate (e.g. ceremony, party or celebration; traditional food; sports or artistic event; shopping, house cleaning, beauty ritual, etc. � must be culturally-bound activity,�i.e. not an academic lecture or press conference.�
You will submit a 3-5 page (double space) report of your experience trying to understand a new culture and what insights you gained that would influence marketing strategies. �You must include a final section with specific recommendations for messaging and strategies to reach this cultural group.