Read it carefully, and note that it is set in The Australian Capital Territory in Australia –
You are a psychologist in an independent private practice. You are treating a 16 year old girl, who after

several sessions discloses that she had been molested by her older brother for nearly three years from the age

of 10 to 13. While disclosing this information she is highly distressed, but says that she does not want

anybody to find out as this person is still in her life and the abuse stopped after she went through puberty.

Two days after the session, the client’s mother calls you and says that her daughter had seemed upset after her

last session but wouldn’t talk to her about what had happened. She asks what had been discussed in the session

because she wanted to be able to help, and because “she is my daughter, and as I am paying for the treatment, I

have every right to know”.
Draw from the APS code of ethics and structure the essay around it. A good essay will identify the appropriate

sections of each of the Codes, and where appropriate highlight where they complement or contradict each other.

READ THE APS CODE CAREFULLY. Build it around an APS framework, talk about confidentiality, legal dilemma and

issues regarding adolescent autonomy. Given the space limits, limit your answer to your obligations, and to

focus on what factors you would need to consider in developing a course of action, rather than the course of

action itself. Please discuss: legal obligations of reporting sexual assault, harm (and reporting, if the

client may be at risk), best practice (including the process of disempowerment during SA and the importance of

the victim to regain control), autonomy and adolescents, confidentiality, the rights of the parent, informed

consent and whatever else you think is relevant. You should clearly identify which ethical dillemma you are

addressing, and very briefly, outline the key aspects of the situation. Given the word limit, you are not

required to provide a detailed summary of the case.