analyze the market of a product/service.
Your project could include the following sections:

(1) Introduction
a. Describe the product
b. Describe the main actors: Supply and demand sides and the degree of internationalization of this market.
c. Anticipate some of your conclusions and describe the relevance of this product in terms of welfare or share on GDP…
d. Describe the structure of the project: Section 2 reviews.. Section 3…

(2) Analysis of the current situation and the recent evolution of this market
a. Degree of competitiveness
b. Main determinants of demand: Income, preferences, and existence of close substitutes….
c. Main determinants of supply: Technology, input prices, arrival of new producers
(3) Given your analysis in Section 2, anticipate the future evolution of this market.
(4) Concluding Remarks: Summarize your main results.

I would like to write, in my project, about a revolutionary product that is changing the world and our lives: Tesla Cars. Tesla Motors is an American company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars. It is a company that has evolved rapidly in the market because of the demand for electric cars, because of the effort to step aside from gasoline powered cars. Electric cars are the future, and I think that it will be interesting to investigate and study the market, competitiveness with other brands of electric cars, study the determinants of demand and supply, and the history and the future evolution of the product and market.