The case write-up assignments are designed to help you learn how to meaningfully apply your knowledge of relevant consumer behavior concepts and frameworks in analyzing a particular marketing situation and making specific, sensible recommendations.

In this assignment, you will analyze the �SONY AIBO: The World�s First Entertainment Robot� case.

In analyzing and writing up this case, you need to answer the following questions:

� What is the Sony AIBO Value Proposition?

� What is the appeal of the AIBO to buyers in Japan? In the US?

� Sony is facing competition from other robot manufacturers, including Honda. How should this affect Sony�s marketing strategy? Sony is also facing competition from toy manufacturers selling low-end knock-offs. How should this affect Sony�s marketing strategy?

� Think about the five questions confronting Yazawa (listed at the end of the case text). How would you answer these questions?

Please remember that your write-up should be a maximum of two typed pages (at least 11 point font, double spaced, and 1 inch margins, with the exception of figures, tables or attachments, if any). Focus on the main points that you want to make.